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How do I print the pattern poster?

The pattern poster size is 594 x 900 mm up to 594 x 1150 mm for large size feet. This means you can print the poster on an A1 printer. If you, as most people don´t have access to a large format printer you can print the pattern poster in sections using Adobe Acrobat DC. This is a free software and can be downloaded from Adobe.

With Adobe Reader DC you can either print the entire poster tiled as shown in this article on the Adobe help pages. “Print an oversized document”

You can also choose to print just a portion of the poster page using the snapshot tool in Adobe Reader DC as shown in this article. “Print portion of a PDF page”

Now if the portion that you have selected to print is bigger then your printer can handle you can use the print tiled option to print the pattern part on two pages.

Important!  Make sure that you do not scale the pattern during printing, Uncheck any scale to fit options. The scale should be at 100%. It is also a good idea to control measure some dimensions on your printout to make sure that your printer is working correctly.

What is my size?

The pattern size is measured in millimeter and the size range is built up from three foot measurements. To find your size measure your feet length, width and across (height) as shown further down and look for your size in the size chart . Make sure that you measure both your feet and that you measure them more then once. Your feet may also be smaller in the morning and slightly larger in the afternoon.

NOTE! The actual pattern length is 10 mm longer than your foot measurement. (For example size 260B has a pattern length of 270 mm, width and height measurement has no extra added in the pattern) This gives a shoe with a snug fit for a nimble feel in difficult terrain . You may experience that your toes touch the front of the shoe when it is new and that the shoe volume is just enough for your foot with no insole added. If made from leather the shoe will stretch and shape itself in about one to two weeks. The process is faster if you soak it in water and go for a run.

If you want a more loose fit you can move up one size, this will give you 5 mm extra toe space. You can also choose to add some more height to the shoe if you want to make space for an insole.

Each pattern contain one size up and one size down. For example pattern size 265B will give you 260B – 270B.

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